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Mid Year feast

View:     Time: 2022-6-28 9:39:38

On the afternoon of June 25, 2022, the theme was: KGI mid year performance summary report, which was held in Huatai restaurant to fight against the epidemic and turn crisis into strategic development. KGI's employees, family members, supplier partners, relatives and friends gathered together. The guests and hosts enjoyed each other and ended with laughter. The whole banquet lasted 3 hours. During the meeting, applause broke out for several times and laughter broke out one after another. The whole audience was always filled with an exciting, enterprising, warm and pleasant atmosphere.

At 17:30 p.m., the meeting officially began. In the warm applause, KGI manager Lel, vice president Tang and president King made a summary report on the work in the first half of the year and the work deployment in the second half of the year. The explanation and analysis of data one by one intuitively explained the current situation of the company. The impact of the epidemic is difficult to overcome, but KGI has been moving forward steadily. In addition to the correct leadership of the management, It is also inseparable from the down-to-earth and diligent work of all KGI employees.

At 18:18 after the conclusion of the report, the cannon was fired. At the same time, KGI company celebrated the birthday of the employees of this month. Although birthdays occur every year, this year is especially good. More than 100 people at the banquet sent their blessings to the birthday family members. They wished that the birthday family members would not change their appearance, be happy forever, have a successful career, and be safe and happy.

Every achievement is not achieved overnight or by one person. I hope that on the big platform of KGI, everyone will always be based on their own duties, fulfill their duties in their ordinary posts, forge ahead bravely, dare to dream and chase dreams.