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With the rapid development and growing demand of the electronics industry, the requirements for high-quality, high-precision and stable electronic product accessories are also getting higher and more strict. Precision metal stamping parts have a variety of advantages, such as high precision, high reliability, wide range of material selection, low cost, etc., so they have been widely used in the electronics industry. 

First of all, the application of precision metal stamping parts in the electronics industry is mainly focused on the appearance design, structural design and functional design of electronic products, which can meet the various requirements of electronic products for appearance design, and can give electronic products a more fashionable and unique appearance, increasing the added value and market competitiveness of products. 

Secondly, the application of precision metal stamping parts in the electronics industry also involves the internal structure design and functional realization of electronic products. Precision metal parts are required for various connectors, supports, and fittings inside electronic products. These precision metal components can ensure that all parts of the electronic products have good connectivity and stability, and can improve the reliability and service life of the products. 

The main electronic hardware parts produced by KGI include: shielding cans, shielding frames, shielding covers, connection devices, connectors, terminals, battery clips, shrapnel and contact plates, etc.