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HVAC systems are an important part of modern architecture and are responsible for providing a comfortable indoor environment. And the metal products play a key role in HVAC systems, from pipe connections, bracket fixation to valve control, they are all inseparable from the support of metal products. These metal products need to be characterized by high quality, high precision, high stability and high durability to ensure the normal operation and comfort of HVAC systems. 

KGI provides a variety of HVAC products, like round or square diffusers, wireless diffusers, aluminum and stainless steel linear grilles, heating elements and fan set units for overseas customers, all assembled products are 100% strictly functional tested before shipping, and have been well received by customers. 

With the continuous progress and development of HVAC technology, our metal products are constantly updated and iterated, and the application in HVAC systems will be more extensive and deeper.


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