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  • Notice of Spring Festival holiday

    2020-01-16Notice of Spring Festival holiday

    KGI will be closed from Jan 18th-Feb 3rd, 2020 for the Spring Festival Holiday.Pay attention to safety during holidays. Turn off all unused power switches, sockets, equipment power and doors and windows before holidays. I wish all the family of KGI a happy, happy and peaceful Spring Festival in advance!

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  • New Year's Day

    2020-01-01New Year's Day

    Today is January 1, 2020. All KGI colleagues wish you a happy new year, good health and happiness

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  • The Winter Solstice

    2019-12-20The Winter Solstice

    This Sunday is an important traditional festival of the Chinese nation winter solstice. "The winter solstice is like a new year". On the day of family reunion, the company prepared warm dumplings for everyone in advance. I wish you family peace, good luck, a happy reunion and good health

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  • Light snow

    2019-11-26Light snow

    Light snow is the 20th of the 24 solar terms. Light snow solar term is the solar term with high frequency of cold wave and strong cold air activities. At this time, the local custom is to pickle bacon, which is really delicious. Keep warm when the temperature drops.

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  • German Customer Visit

    2019-11-14German Customer Visit

    German customers came to our company today. We briefly introduced the company to our customers and showed them around all departments and workshops of our factory. When the customer returned, he said that he was very satisfied with the visit, regardless of the strength of the factory or our warm hospitality.

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  • Thailand Tourism

    2019-10-31Thailand Tourism

    A few days ago, the boss and the client went to Thailand for a tour, blue sky, white clouds, sea and beach. Everyone was very happy. Thank the guests for planning this unforgettable journey

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  • Birthdays in September and October

    2019-10-17Birthdays in September and October

    Yesterday, the company prepared rich dinner and gifts for the birthday of colleagues in September and October. Everyone is very happy. Very appreciate the company.

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  • Mid-year summary

    2019-07-01Mid-year summary

    Last Friday, our company held a mid-year summing-up party and also celebrated the boss's birthday. King invited everyone to have a big meal. At such a happy time, our boss did not forget the public welfare and donated 10,000 yuan to the public welfare organizations. Everyone was very happy. Thank you, our boss.

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  • The summer solstice

    2019-06-21The summer solstice

    It's very hot today, so today is the summer solstice. The summer solstice is the tenth solar term of the "24 solar terms". As the temperature rises gradually, the amount of sweat in human body will increase accordingly, so the human body needs a lot of water. Drink more water and take care of yourself.

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  • The Dragon Boat Festival

    2019-06-06The Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival, Double Boat Festival, Midday Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Zhengyang Festival, Bath Orchid Festival and Tianzhong Festival, is one of the four traditional festivals in China. The Dragon Boat Festival custom is carried out in the form of praying for good fortune and taking good fortune, suppressing evil spirits and bringing disaster into full swing. Its content is rich and colorful, and it is full of joy and festivity. The main customs o

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