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Due to the particularity of the aerospace industry, there are extremely high requirements for the metal products used. The metal products not only need to have extremely high strength and corrosion resistance, but also need to maintain a high degree of stability and reliability in extreme operating environments. 

First of all, metal products play an important role in the structural connection of aerospace vehicles. They need to be extremely strong and fatigue-resistant to withstand the enormous pressures and vibrations generated by aerospace vehicles during flight. 

Secondly, hardware/metal products also play a key role in the power system of aerospace vehicles. They need to be extremely resistant to corrosion and high temperatures to meet the needs of aerospace vehicles in extreme operating environments. 

In addition, metal products also play an important role in the thermal protection system and electronic system of aerospace vehicles. For example, thermal insulation materials, heat exchangers and other components in thermal protection systems require the use of high-temperature resistant hardware products to ensure the safety of aerospace vehicles. The conductive materials, connectors and other components in the electronic system need to use metal products with good conductivity to ensure the normal operation of the electronic system. 

At the same time, with the continuous development of aerospace technology, higher requirements will be put forward for the performance and quality of metal products.


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