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The various metal products manufactured by KGI are also widely used in the field of new energy, especially in new energy vehicles and renewable energy equipment. 

The main specific applications in new energy vehicles are: 

Body connection: New energy vehicles adopt a lightweight structural design, and riveting studs have become an important fastener connecting body parts. They can connect body shells, doors, front and rear bumpers and other components to improve the overall strength and stability of the body. 

Chassis structure: In the chassis design of new energy vehicles, riveting studs are widely used to connect chassis structural parts, such as chassis beams, shock absorbers, etc. This helps to improve the strength and stability of the chassis structure, which in turn enhances driving safety. 

Battery pack connection: Riveting studs can also be used for the connection inside the battery pack and between the battery pack and the car body, such as battery box, battery bracket, battery box, etc. They ensure the stability and reliability of the battery pack and avoid loosening or displacement of the battery pack. 

In addition to the above applications, CNC machining and precision castings manufactured by KGI are also used in new energy charging piles and their supporting facilities. 

The main applications in renewable energy are: 

Wind turbines: Various CNC turning and milling parts, such as shafts, gears, flanges, etc., play a key role in the manufacturing and operation of wind turbines. These parts need to withstand high wind speeds and complex environmental conditions, so high-quality, wear-resistant hardware is required. 

Solar equipment: In the manufacture of solar equipment, such as solar panel brackets, battery boxes, etc., hardware products are also used. These hardware products need to be corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and strong to withstand the harsh environmental conditions outdoors. 

All in all, metal products are widely used in the field of new energy, from new energy vehicles to renewable energy equipment, are inseparable from the support of hardware products. With the continuous development of new energy technology, the application of hardware products in the field of new energy will also be more in-depth and diversified.


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