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  • Medical day

    2018-07-05Medical day

    Today, the company arranges the hospital directly to the whole staff for physical examination. Thanks to the boss! Hope everyone are healthy.

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  • Birthday party

    2018-06-10Birthday party

    The company held a birthday party for their colleagues on the birthday. They sang together and ate cake together. The company also sent gifts to everyone, everyone was very happy.

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  • Having dinner

    2018-05-30Having dinner

    The customer had dinner with our colleagues, the customer was very warm and our colleagues felt very warm.

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  • After the meeting

    2018-05-25After the meeting

    After our manager and supervisor have closed the meeting with the customer, they have a rested in the pantry, drank drinks, and contacted the feelings.

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  • Travel to Kansas

    2018-05-22Travel to Kansas

    Our manager and supervisor visited our customers in Kansas, USA, and took photos with our customers.

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  • Sales department 2 days travel in Shunde

    2018-05-08Sales department 2 days travel in Sh...

    On May 5-6th our sales department all colleagues have a nice travel in Shunde, we visit the Feng Shui in the first day . And We went to Qinghui Garden in the second day . We tried a lot of food ,and we really have a relax holiday

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  • International labour Day

    2018-04-26International labour Day

    Dear ClientsBecause of the International labour Day,we will have a holiday from April 30th to May 1st.If you have any urgent question,please discuss with our seller before or after this holiday.We hope you also enjoy this holiday too.Thank you.

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  • Chinese snow town Travelling

    2018-04-13Chinese snow town Travelling

    Our company organized a group travelling to Chinese snow town to relax all the staff,enhance their friendship and promote exchanges. All of us were deeply attracted by its beautiful scenery.

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  • Tomb-sweeping Day

    2018-04-01Tomb-sweeping Day

    Dear ClientsForm 5th to 7th is our Tomb-sweeping Day,we will have a holiday,if you have any urgent question,you can call our sellers directly,please note it,Thank you.

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  • German customer visit

    2018-03-23German customer visit

    A few days ago a new customer visit our company. We briefed the clients on the company and led our clients to visit the various departments and workshops in our factory. When the customer went back, he said he was very satisfied with the visit, whether it is the strength of the factory or our hospitality.

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