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  • Blood donation

    2020-11-12Blood donation

    Last Saturday, the village committee organized a voluntary blood donation activity, and all colleagues actively participated in the activity. Continue other people's life with warm blood and let life be full of sunshine!

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  • Safety production training

  • Happy National Day holiday&Mid-Autumn Festival

    2020-09-28Happy National Day holiday&Mid-Autum...

     2020 is a very special year. This year's Mid Autumn Festival and national day are the same day.Before the holiday, our company gives you gifts, moon cakes and fruits, I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Happy double festival!

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  • National Day holiday

    2020-09-27National Day holiday

    Our National Day holiday as follow

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  • afternoon tea

    2020-09-08afternoon tea

    The weather was muggy and the company prepared afternoon tea for everyone, and everyone was very happy

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  • Mountain climbing

    2020-08-03Mountain climbing

    Luofu Mountain is a national scenic spot and a national AAAAA tourist attraction. It stands in the south central part of the five ridges, sits on Daya Bay in the South China Sea, and is adjacent to Huizhou West Lake. On Saturday, my colleagues went to Luofu Mountain to climb the mountain. The scenery along the road is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful

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  • Mid Year feast of KGI

    2020-07-19Mid Year feast of KGI

    The company held a mid year feast at noon today. At the same time, it was also the birthday party of our general manager. Our general manager was very happy and everyone was very happy. Thank you very much

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  • Dragon Boat Festival

    2020-07-06Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival, the company has prepared rich gifts for everyone. Everyone was very happy. At the same time of celebrating the festival, the family members go out to protect themselves. We have no idea when the epidemic will end. But we firmly believe that after the end of the epidemic, we are all in good health. We are grateful and laugh at life. I wish you all a good Dragon Boat Festival!

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  • Hiking in Eco Park

    2020-06-18Hiking in Eco Park

    Some landscapes need to be measured with feetSome stories need to be felt with heartThis wonderful weekend, KGI company with friends who love sports and natureExperience the beauty of nature and the power of walkingWalking is a kind of penanceOnly rely on their own legs, not mechanical strengthIt's just a matter of measuring your feelings step by stepInstead of sitting in a car whistling at 60 yards per secondAlong the way, you can see different sides of ordinary colleaguesWhat they have don

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  • Return to work news broadcast on April 13th

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