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Mid Autumn Barbecue Party

View:     Time: 2022-9-14 10:54:43

By the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon was gradually round - KGI welcomed the success of the Mid Autumn Festival BBQ.

On the evening of September 8, all employees, employees' families and partners of qinjin gathered together and held a mid autumn festival barbecue party in the company's yard to further enrich employees' amateur cultural life, promote mutual communication among employees, improve their work enthusiasm, enhance the cohesion of the company and create a happy and harmonious KGI family.

Before the party, President Xu of KGI delivered a speech and first expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone! I also wish you a happy and healthy Mid Autumn Festival!

The situation is similar from year to year, but the years are different. This year, there is a new game, and everyone can participate in the party. The first game of the party this year is the "surprise turntable lottery". Let's wait and see who will win the prize.

As the game goes on, delicious food is sent to the table one after another. Not much about the fruit and dried fruit platter. The roasted whole sheep that had been roasted in the afternoon came to the table, and the delicious food was overwhelming. There were also fresh cucumber salad, lotus root, roasted lamb chops, American roast chicken, mutton kebabs, beef kebabs, chicken wings, hot dogs, and beef steaks baked by foreign friends. All kinds of drinks and drinks were available.

The attractive fragrance filled the air, and everyone enjoyed the delicious food to their heart's content. The second game was to guess the size of the wine table. During the game, everyone sang songs one after another, and the singing raised the party to the climax. The scene was wonderful, with laughter and cheers. It was really lively. Everyone was enthusiastic, drank to each other, and enjoyed themselves.

The party lasted for 2 hours. After hard work, the staff relaxed and relaxed physically and mentally. The whole party was submerged in a sea of joy.

The delicious moon cakes, grapefruit and red wine are all the necessary dishes for the Mid Autumn Festival party. The company's meticulous care for employees is the happiest expression of KGI family. KGI sends blessings, warm Mid Autumn Festival! This is not a simple sentence, but the deep feelings of KGI employees over the years. When everyone receives gifts in an orderly manner, they talk and smile, and warmth surrounds everyone. The real happiness is the smile that naturally shows. KGI has always been committed to the concept of creating a happy enterprise and happy employees, so that employees can work and live happily. The warm smile of KGI family is the best interpretation of this concept. In the future, the KGI family will work together to reach the summit!