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The International Women's Day

View:     Time: 2022-3-9 11:14:18

In this season of spring, when grass grows and birds fly, another "March 8th International Women's Day" comes. On March 8, 2022, KGI launched a series of welfare activities in order to let the goddesses have a happy and warm Festival and feel the KGI's care and love for female employees.

In the morning, KGI prepared exquisite bouquets and delicious fruit platters (including Millennium fruit, strawberry and cherizi) for the goddesses. All the working goddesses had a share. They were happy to receive gifts and take pictures. In this strong festive atmosphere, everyone threw themselves into the work of the day.


At 4 p.m., KGI prepared delicious afternoon tea, including various drinks and snacks. Male colleagues also have delicious food. All families share delicious food and chat while eating to remove fatigue and restore vitality.


Thank you very much for the support of the company, which makes our life rich and colorful. Thank you also for the cooperation of your family, which makes every activity smoothly carried out. Finally, I wish all goddesses a happy goddess day!