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Birthday party for August

View:     Time: 2022-9-2 9:36:00

Engrave a good time in the name of birthday, and create a better future with constant struggle. 

On the evening of August 31, 2022, KGI company held a meaningful birthday party for the family whose birthday was in August. The banquet was held in Huatai restaurant. The large round table carried the sincere wishes of the company to every birthday family, and everyone's faces were filled with happy smiles. President Xu affirmed the work of the birthday family and sent his most sincere birthday wishes. The birthday cake is coming, the candles are lit, we sing the birthday song together, and send blessings to ourselves and others. We all silently make wishes in our hearts and look forward to a better tomorrow together.

The delicious birthday dinner began. At the dinner, all department managers sent their blessings to the birthday family and also spoke about the work status. In the current epidemic situation, every enterprise is very difficult. KGI can make steady progress without the efforts of every KGI family.

Every birthday banquet is full of the details and intentions of the company, and the company's deep concern for every family member. The birthday party was happy and warm, with bright smiling faces, sincere blessings, and grateful words. Everyone tasted the sweet cake, shared the joy of birthday, told each other's wishes, and felt the warmth of home.

The cicadas are still ringing, several times in the midsummer. Every birthday is a new beginning, and every blessing is full of deep friendship. When the midsummer is in full swing, the year 2022 has passed by. All the efforts in the first half of the year are the preparation for the surprise in the second half of the year. I wish all the family members of KGI's birthday in August a smooth journey, warmth in everything they encounter, and fulfillment of their wishes. I also wish KGI's family members a brilliant summer and a full harvest in the second half of the year.